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The village of Necedah, Wisconsin is located at the base of a high cliff on the Yellow River, a few miles from the river's mouth, and is opposite the famous Petenwell Bluff. Petenwell Rock is popular among serious climbers and is perhaps Wisconsin's finest sport climbing area with beautiful sandstone cliffs and boulders.

The name "Necedah" comes from the Ho Chunk Native Americans who inhabited the area before the arrival of European settlers and means "Land of the Yellow Waters", a reference to the Yellow River. For early settlers Necedah was an important logging town and was the first place in Juneau County to have manufacturing interests.

Necedah National Wildlife Refuge

Not far from Necedah is the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, a 44,000 acre area permanent wildlife refuge established in 1939 in what is called the Great Central Wisconsin Swamp - the largest wetland bog in the state. The Wildlife Refuge receives nearly 150,000 visitors annually.

Necedah is located in Juneau County; therefore all state legal matters are handled in the county court in Mauston. Englund & Associates Law Office routinely represents Necedah residents in legal matters involving criminal law, family law, and civil litigation law. This representation includes defending charges of crimes, and divorce and family matters involving children.

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If you need a lawyer in Necedah, WI, and you want personal attention, professional service, and cost effective representation, for criminal defense, family law, or civil litigation law, please call Englund & Associates Law Office to discuss the details of your legal situation. Attorneys Jay Englund, John Newton, James Heyn, and Karl Gebhard can meet with you in the Baraboo or Lake Delton/Wisconsin Dells law office and help you start to plan your best course of action.

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